Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Galveston: Round #1

Thsi year was a little different for us all- as it is Ken's last year in residency, it is the OMFS dept. tradition that the chief takes call on Christmas- so we stayed put... but thankfully my family come here for the festivities! It all worked out BEAUTIFULLY, not to mention it was SO MUCH FUN!
We played, ate, napped, played some more. We went to Moody Gardens Festival of Lights one night. The girls loved the walk and the lights. It really is something worth going to see.

Sure does look like we have our hands full. After the light seeing... we headed back to The Haynes house for PRESENTS!
My little photographers!
Let the present opening begin!

Honey and PaPa enjoying the grandbabies and fun!
A highlight of our gifts received were our Batman shirts- capes included! :)

The night ended with a dance party in the "bat cave"! It was a great Sutton, Baird, Haynes family Christmas! Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating with us.
We LOVE you all!

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