Friday, December 16, 2011

Celebrate good times... Tis' the season!

This was our party weekend! RIght up my alley! We actually had 4 parties in 2 nights- which even I will say was a little overwhelming, but in the true Christmas spirit- we didn't miss a one! Party #!1 was the Department of Surgery party at 901 Postoffice. It was great mingling with all of Ken's coworkers!

Next was our Resitern Christmas party- a yummy dinner at Gaido's!

Saturday night- we got all dolled up for the JLGC Holiday ball: theme Moonlight over Manhattan! I was on the committee this year- so I was really extra psyched for this party- but before we went- we stopped at an Open House that was hosted by Ken's dept. Chair, Dr. Throndson and his wife, Mrs. Darla. It was a great way to quick off the evening!

Love these girls- Love the dresses- LOVE the special time we all had! Ask Ken about how much fun he had?!?!?
Merry Christmas!

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