Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

Our Halloween festivities started at First Baptist Church for the Fall Family Festival where they played games and jumped in jumpy castles! It was SO FUN! The girls had a blast! :)
I was in charge of the picture backdrop- as you can see "zebra" themed- um yes please! :)
The girls really got a kick out of the bounce house slide! It is wild how much has changed in a year! Last year- they wouldn't even get in the bounce house- now not only were they bouncing, but climbing up to go down the slide!!! :)

Ken, Hailey, and Dr. Meador at the festival.
Trick or treating with friends! :) Liz and IV had us over for a sweet time to play with friends before trick or treating. :) :) :) It was such fun!
Notice the sweet ladies face- i think she thinks that these littles are precious!
"Watch out for Little Monsters"
On the way home- we stopped by The Pampalons! They had special treats just for M & H! SO SO SO sweet!

Hope you had more treats than tricks this year!


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