Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!


Yep- all my dreams came true the night I got to be Barbie with my very own Ken- forget you GI Joe!

The 2 cutest little "Skipper's " I know! I love how their personalities show in the boxes! Sweet Princess Mattie and well... "Little Erin" Hailey! If I could learn to keep my mouth shut... Oh well at least all 3 of us are HAPPY Barbie dolls!
We really dressed up for the Resitern Halloween party- which was SO fun! We had some chickens, a banana, angry birds,Superman and Lois Lane, to bugs and a bug catcher! It was great fun to see everyone's costumes!
Michael and Tiffani as "angry birds"!
Best banana ever! Hey Courtney- can you do the banana splits?
the guys...
the girls- how cute is the "bun in the oven" costume to let us know she is expecting! CUTE! Gotta love Amanda and her Chicken Little costume too!
The whole gang! Th coolest part was- WE WON the costume contest! AWESOME! Amanda and David "Chicken Little's" took 2nd place! It was so much fun!!!

Barbie and Ken- celebrating their LOVE!

Hope you have more treats than tricks this season!


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