Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Star of the Week: Mattie

What a fun week! Mattie got to pick her favorite book- "How do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?", her favorite toy- which happened to be her Halloween happy from Honey a dog that sings, she even got to share her favorite snack: marshmallows! It was so fun hearing her talk about being "tar of the week" :)
If you haven't heard me mention it, let me post about it- Ken's worst fear has come true...
Mattie is BOY CRAZY!!! This is Cadin- who she LOVES! Everyday she tells me that she saw Cadin or that she played with Cadin, or that Cadin scared her and she likes it. OH NO- we are going to have our hands FULL- but right now, it is SO CUTE! :) :) :)

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Lauren said...

How cute is Cadin?! They look precious together! As buddies..... Um, did I mention that Libby has the outfit in your header pic?! I LOVE the turquoise/orange that I've had it about 10 months!! Ha