Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Star of the Week: Hailey

Sweet girl was "star of the week" in her class! I am pretty sure she loved it! She got to take her favorite book to school to be read, her favorite toy, and her favorite snack to share. I let Hailey choose what she took each day. She picked a book that has a picture of her and her Honey in it to be read. She picked her bunny to take to school (sidenote: mom of twins- don't try to explain to the non- star of the week why they can't take their bunny too- just let them take it- way easier!). For her snack, I sent cupcakes that Kate made that were left over from a Halloween party- it worked out great!

Hailey certainly is a STAR in my eyes!

Keep a look out for Mattie's turn next week!


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