Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bayou Wildlife Park

A few weekends ago, Ken got a wild hair to take the girls to our local wildlife park- to say the least, it was entertaining...
The girls loved being up close and personal with the animals.

However- I wasn't as thrilled when they started sticking their noses in our tram to get food. It was way too close for this city girls comfort. HA!
Hailey- a city girl too!

Mattie loved the animals.
We saw everything from deers, to giraffes, to ostriches, to zonkeys! (a zebra donkey mix!)
What we found on our way to our car. Definitely a unique memorable experience.
Hope you are "Walking on the WILD side" at some point today.


kate m. said...

Love Bayou Wildlife Park, but I HATE how aggressive the ostriches and emus are! I have this hilarious picture of a time I went with Laurie, and a huge animal got really close. We both jumped back LEAVING our two 3 year olds with the animal. : )

betty said...

Elizabeth said she sure would like to go there but she did not like the ostriche. The girls are just precious and beautiful.