Saturday, July 30, 2011


Friday night- as soon as Ken came home we loaded up the girls and B-LINED it to Chef Michaelburger on the west end to meet some older First Baptist friends! It was a great reunion, as well as a great time to meet new friends! :) SO SO SO fun! The Haynes's of course got plenty of time with our Kummerfeld BFF's! :) It was great! It is so fun watching our girls jump, squeal, and play together- so sweet!
Ring a round the rosie...

Mattie, Annie and sweet Mrs. Sherry with Paige! ADORABLE!
We had lots of "little" momma's to "watch" the toddlers.... so sweet.

Saturday afternoon- we headed to Palisade Palms for a little one on one family time with the K's! It was great!

Then Saturday night- we headed to Joe's Crab shack for a Resitern Welcome to the Island PATY! SO SO SO fun! :)

Great weekend thus far! Can't wait until tomorrow- jam packed with church, parties and FUN!

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Lauren said...

What?! You and Katy are both in bikinis? Im moving you both to the top of my "disgusted with" list! No really, y'all are awesome! Yay for hot, skinny mommas!