Friday, July 15, 2011

Ken "really" takes flight!

Matttie waving good bye...
Ken... ready set... FLY!!!! (unfortunately all we saw was him taxying (sp?) away because my sweet littles needed a potty break).

After flight- Ken loved it! Yay! Successful gift! :) Happy Birthday from 2009. :)
Ken in the Galveston sky...
Later that weekend, we went to the beach for a little family fun!

Love that Hailey is "layed out" in the sand... stinker!
Last Sunday we had the annual "Welcome to the Island" party for all the incoming surgery residents. It was a great success! It was fun for all of us to have a little down time together.
Tiffani and I- we are so glad the Pampalon's are now in Galveston!
Ken with his best buddy! When he was in corpus this little guy was there too with his Daddy- Ken only thought he was getting a month off from baby duty!
All in all- great fun weekend!

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Caroline said...

Great pics! I think Ken loved his trip! And I love your Tory purse!