Wednesday, July 6, 2011

VBS 2011 First Baptist Galveston

Mattie and Hailey were ready to go EVERY night to church... (aren't these backpacks PRECIOUS- thanks Honey!)
VBS 2011 ROCKED OUR WORLD!!!! The Haynes Girls had a blast! Mattie and Hailey made it every day and Mommy taught the music section each night- it was FABULOUS! :)

Our scripture for the week:

So faith comes from what is heard,
and what is heard comes through
the message about Christ

All week the girls were with my sweet friends Ms. Kate, Ms. Laura, and Ms. Lori! At the end of the week- the girls and their classmates were to perform for the parents...
I wondered if one would cry, stand in shock...
Right before they started I heard a sweet little old lady in front of me lean over to her friend and say "the twins on the end are the ones to watch... " then it began....they were born STARS-- sweet and funny all in one... The rest of the class attempted the movements they learned, but not my two- they wouldn't miss a chance to "shake their baby biscuits" (as you can see).

The girls LOVED the lime light! It was hystarical!
Yes- at one point- Mattie did try and tackle the inflatable statue of liberty... twice.... but priceless!!!!!! I think she just wanted to "hug it out"- ya know?

it was a night of priceless moments- as my two danced to the beat of their own drum, my sweet friend Kate's little boy- literally blew his nose on stage! It was 2 year olds at its BEST!
Mattie <3's Everett!
Hailey attempting a move!
Our sweet family- Ken and I couldn't STOP laughing... that's our girls!
Our sweet "little" friends!
Hailey says "I can't wait for you to see this girls & Everett"! All in all- amazing week for me and the girls! I loved getting to know more of the youth of 1st Baptist Galveston. Bring s a SMILE to my face!
XOXO and Jesus LOVE!

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