Monday, July 18, 2011


I will sing of your praises Oh Lord! This past weekend, I got the opportunity to "sneak" away from island living and visit The Kummerfeld's in Temple. Their family recently expanded from 3 to 4! Sweet Paige Elizabeth was born on June 7 (my parent's wedding anniversary). My sweet husband kept the girls for me for a "daddy/Daughter date day". When I got to the K's house- Lily was napping, but Miss Paige was ready and waiting! She is a doll baby! BEAUTIFUL!It was amazing to hold a little again- especially one this sweet. Pretty soon after I arrived, we left napping Lily with her Daddy while Paige, Katy and I went to grab a bite to eat! We also stopped by "The Rose Bud"- to see her mom. On the way there, Katy told me her mom had a few outfits she wanted me to try on there. It was like having a personal stylist! It was so fun playing dress up- as we were leaving Katy's mom handed me all the goodies as a 30th birthday surprise! It was so sweet and boy does she have great taste- I now need to plan a "date night" to get all dolled up! I love Katy's family!!!
After the fun- we headed back to see the other little who was up now. Isn't she ADORABLE!?!?! She has the sweetest personality. She just walked right up and hugged me like I come over everyday. We spent the rest of the afternoon with the girls!
Around dinner time we were able to sneak out for a Katy and Erin date! It was great- we went to Tulip nail spa- (I highly recommend Paul) and had a great peidcure! AMAZING! I think Paul got a real kick out of Katy and I's conversation- everything from highlights to peidcures, to babies, to nursing, to clothes, to hubby's, to shoes... it was wonderful....
We ended the night with a dinner at Cheeves- a great place to eat! I loved my night away in Temple. It is always great to spend time with The Kummerfeld's! I sure do miss you guys! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

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