Monday, May 9, 2011

The "ROYAL" treatment!

I am WAY behind on my blogging- I am going to do my best to catch up this week :

Friday, April 29, 2011- the WORLD watch a true love story- some of us (including me) did the crazy thing by waking up at 3am to not miss a minute. I truly was fascinated watching a "commoner" become a princess! They best part was- they truly looked happy and so in love. My mom, Lauren and I all watched the Princess Diana wedding- well Lauren and I were only a few months old, but we were witnesses. :) So this time- although we weren't together- the text messages were going like crazy! To make this day even more fun my sweet Galveston friends threw a "Royal" celebration in honor of the wedding. It was a fabulous time with amazing friends, good food, celebration and watching the wedding again (for some of us). Hayley Hardcastle- rocks my world with her amazing invitations! This looks so much like the real deal- I thought at first I should book a flight...
Love the hats- we american's need to make this a tradition at weddings we attend!

Aren't these cake balls too cute to eat?!?!?

My sweet friend Kimberly Moore- funny thing is this picture made the Galveston County Daily News paper. :)

Only in Galveston- could a real "ROYAL" Celebration take place! What precious memories I have with these ladies! :) PRICELESS!

Also- I want to thank Ken's SWEET SWEET SWEET Aunt Linda who drove from Conroe to babysit my girls so I could go to this celebration! I know they had a blast. When Kimberly dropped me off- all the little girls (Aunt Linda brought her granddaughter too) were in the front yard playing around the rosie. Which of course we "grown ups" couldn't pass up! Hats, heels, dresses and all were playing in the front yard- so sweet.
Thanks again for your help that day- the girls had a BLAST!


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