Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Mommy's Day and Backpacks!

Last Saturday, we got up and ready and headed out to celebrate Mommy's Day. We ate brunch at the Hilton- which was SO GOOD! Ken had made me a 12pm massage and hydrotherapy appt. It was PERFECT! I am so so so blessed to be the Mommy of these precious girls! They keep me on my toes in a good way! It is never dull around here and I have to say- I LOVE THAT! One day- I am going to get a "frame worth" picture of all 3 of us!

My girls lately:

The girls are so entertaining these days! Last night- trying to get Mattie to come inside, I said "Mattie, ONE... TWO.... (and paused like all mom's do) *and in a sweet Hailey voice we heard THREE!" It was so funny- she knew what came next.
Hailey has a big personality- each day she shines so much light/funny in our world!

Mattie asks for kisses, loves to cuddle--she is just SO SWEET! Both of the girls love to say "Thank you"- we thank everyone. Mattie also apologizes to everyone- I am working on that one. They are precious together- playing, giggling, kissing, hugging, worrying about the other one. Hailey always asks Mattie "You Ok?" if she is crying.

I love these girls! Aren't their shirts adorable! LaLa had them made and sent to us! Thanks LaLa for always keepin' us in style!


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