Wednesday, May 18, 2011

JLGC Annual Dinner

and we arrived on Gus the Bus- the reaction most of us had "I've never been in here in the daylight" HAHAHAHA! It was a great way to transport a large group of islanders to Kemah for our annual dinner!So much hard work went into this year- I was lucky enough to be on the Provisional Committee- I worked with Jill and Christy. It was SO FUN and I just wanna say- 2011 Provisionals ROCK! Here we are about to give them their JL clipboards! They also surprised each of us with a special gift- I received a precious "island" themed necklace that I will treasure always- and think of their smiling faces whenever I wear it! Thank you chicka's! XOXOPart of our table... Gabriella, Stevy, me and Liz!Provisional of the year....Kimberly Moore- a dear precious deserving friend!
I am also super pumped that I found out I am on nominating placement next year and holiday ball!!! :) I kind of already knew- but still exciting! We announced the theme of the ball by wearing I Heart NY shirts- Moonlight over Manhattan. I am so pumped- only wish that I have been to NYC to have a true perspective- ha! :)The party's over- but the memories we will have forever! Gotta love these Galveston girls!

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