Friday, April 29, 2011

Pool Party play Date with The Muns

The sweet Muns girls had us over this afternoon for our very first playdate of the summer! It was great! My girls loved being around Kyla's two littles: Ava (4) and Micah who is 1 going on 2.
It was so sweet watching all the girls play together. :) They were all SO giggly- it was adorable...

Hailey and Mattie thought they were "BIG" stuff in the "ocean" as Hailey kept calling it.

I know what our next purchase will be- this pool was GREAT for their age! I am so OVER the blow up kiddie pool. Walmart- here I come.

Mattie got a real kick out of getting in and out over and over again. We mommies decided it most have something to do with independence/freedom to do it.

Love these 2 girl...

I had to post this picture- for those of you (me included) who think that Hailey is little Ken- this picture to me looks JUST like me when I was little!

Thanks so much Muns girls for having us to play! We enjoyed it! Let's play again soon!



Kyla said...

Cute pictures! So glad y'all got to come over. It was so fun! Ava is still talking about her friends, M and H. :) We would LOVE to do it again soon!

curtis03 Lewis said...

So fun pool party. I really liked reading through these details. My son is going to turn 5 soon and we want to host a fun party for him. The party is hard to plan but if we book one of the rental spaces for parties then most of the things would be easy to arrange.