Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Look who came... hopping down the bunny trail and left Mattie and Hailey a special treat!!! In thier baskets the EB gave the girls each a dvd- one got Beauty and the Beast and the other got Dora's Ballet adventure. They also got a Zoe doll and an Abby Cadabby doll from Sesame Street, pink Crocs (another blog for why I finally broke down and bought these shoes), goldfish in s festive box, and a Easter egg sugar cookie. It was GREAT! The Memphis Easter Bunny- Honey sent my sweet littles a baby gap gift card- she knows what this Mommy Bunny likes and a Bunnykins Peter rabbit ceramic mug that was mine when I was a little girl- and a new one found online (since she only had 2). I was telling Ken that it was mine when I was little and he said "your mom comes up with the neatest ideas!" I have to agree!!! From the wedding dress Christening gowns- bunny cups! We LOVE it all. Thanks for thinking of us!

Mattie feeding Zoe with her new cup.

Hailey too!

All ready for church- but it is not a day in The Haynes house without a little dancing- and of course on this day- it must be done with BUNNY in hand!

Off to church we go...

The girls had a blast. The sweet mom's that were in charge of this day had an egg hunt and gave every little girl a sweet Easter hat that my girls have not taken off.

Let the hunt begin!

I love that they tried to take a group photo- I also LOVE that their biggest "problem" in the group photo's were my two... I feel like I jump through hoops to get a good picture- so I feel their pain! I had to post all the group shots because it was so funny to me.... Enjoy!

Starting to set up...

Looks like someone isn't listening....

All but one...

I hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend and were able to celebrate that Christ is RISEN!! I pray you are blessed.


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Caroline said...

So cute!!! The girls are adorable. Looks like a great Easter!