Saturday, April 16, 2011

Temple BOUND!

and FUN we had! We loaded up on Wednesday for a "quick" trip to visit our favorite Temple friends- The Kummerfeld's! As always- we had a BALL! We got there in the afternoon- plenty of time for all 3 girls to dump all of Lilly's toys, play, eat, and go night night. Once the girls were down- we got BUSY! Katy was hosting a "Stella and Dot" party that night! It was so fun meeting Katy's friends and seeing a few I have met before! We sure do miss Katy here- but I know those girls wouldn't give her back! The display- isn't this a GREAT idea!!!! Very shabby chic!
Besties! The party was a huge success! Katy had over a $1000 in sales earning her over $250 in FREE jewelry!! Thanks again for hosting! You really know how to through a party!
Thursday- we got up and took the girls to an open gym- GENIUS idea! It was great to let them roam and run before our 4 hour car ride.
Mattie wasn't all about it though- she really stuck with me saying "down" meaning "up". She was flustered!

Finally- a little fun!

Katy and I both felt like kids- jumping on the trampoline and getting in the ball pit. We were a little concerned that if Katy jumped too high- Paige might come on- ha! She didn't- thankfully!This excites me even more for us to start "Diaper Daredevils" in JUNE!!

Miss you guys- see you soon.


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Katy K. said...

We had a BALL!!! Can't wait to get my jewelry in the mail! xoxo