Sunday, April 10, 2011

A week late...

Last week we had a house guest... GRAMMY!! The girls had the best time with her (the parents did too). Every morning they would ask "Grammy here?" or " See Grammy". It was so cute. While Ken's mom was here we did make a special trip to Moody Gardens for the 4-D 12 minute movie "Dora and Diego save.... something?" It was precious! I knew this could go one of 2 ways- since we still haven't vetured to the real theatre yet?!?! OVERALL they LOVED it. Mattie didn't want to wear the glasses, so her view was a little blurry but she knew who it was. Have I mentioned DORA rocks our world!!! Goodbye Elmo- Hello "Doraboots" as they say!

Of course we couldn't come without getting special friends to take home with us! Mattie hasn't slept a night without her new "doraboots" since we got them.
We found a little playground time with Grammy!
Mattie couldn't figure out how to play- Dora boots in hand... Once the weekend came we were able to meet 2 of our FAVORITE people in Austin, Tx! It was a fabulous weekend!!! Good shopping, good fun, good food, GREAT friends! I always love when we get together!!
We visited the capital where we had our photo made with the name of our favorite TX city! Ken is less than enthusiastic.
The rotunda

My bestie Katy K- and sweet lil' Paige on the way!

What a wonderful weekend! Thanks guy for meeting us! Until next time...


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