Saturday, January 2, 2010

The BEST gift of all!!!!

On December 31 at 5:30am, Scott and Lauren checked into the hospital to be induced! Here the soon to be "new" parents are- ready and waiting!
Lauren and I- she was a real trooper- waiting on Libby...
At 8:39 on New Year's Eve- Libby Addison Baird was born!!!
Weighing 7lb 13oz

Length 20.5 in
Proud Aunt Erin- fuzzy picture (sorry)
Little Libby! BeAuTiFuL!!!!
The family of 3!!!!
Day 2- I was able to put a bow in Libby's hair! Isn't she GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!
Love that girl- look at her hair!!!
Honey and her newest grandbaby! So sweet. More soon!

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Caroline said...

Congratulations!! Libby is so pretty!