Thursday, January 21, 2010

Celestial Celebration!

Whew! What a day! This was one of those days that felt like an entire week happened! I am sorry I haven't posted some pictures of my little CUTIES recently- Miss Laura pointed out that it has been a week. I love that so many friends and fmaily keep up with us this way! :) :) :) Mattie- doing what she does best- SMILING!
Hailey heard that I had a few good shots of Mattie's teeth and wanted me to show you hers too! We are up to 3 for Hailey and 6 for Mattie!!! CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP!

Big girl fun! Aren't they just the CUTEST!!!!
After a big day of playing today- we headed to our MDO- for a "Celestial Celebration"! The 3,4,5 year olds performed! It was adorable. I can't wait for my little ones to be up there one day- singing, smiling, and beaming with pride!

After the show there was a great spread of food and pictures of all the kid-os for sale! It was so special! It was a great time to socialize with parents in our kids class as well as the students and parents of the kids in my class! I loved having this night! The girls loved it too. I felt like I barely held them there. Between Laura, Stephanie, and Laurie- the girls were like footballs. Loving every minute of it. We are so blessed to have a school that loves my girls ALMOST as much as we do! What a COMFORT!

Some of our favorite people!!!

Miss Laura with her "STAR" pupils. Always up for the double hold! We miss you!


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Courtney and Brandon said...

They are growing everyday! What sweeties...we miss you all so much!