Friday, January 29, 2010

Hi G- Daddy!!

Here you go... some pictures of our world lately. :) Thankfully- life has been pretty "normal"- (our normal). Last weekend, our family was able to go on a beach walk together. It is huge to Ken and I that the girls LOVE the water. I am almost positive they will... I thought these were precious pictures. Ken is holding Mattie- who knows what he is telling her, but I am sure she is learning alot from him. My favorite part of this is my hubby, holding our baby, at the beach, wearing scrubs! This is my life people. Ken stays blue- literally! This is his uniform- he had already gone to the hospital before our walk. I am in AWE of everything that he does and can do. The night before- we had to leave a dinner at a friends house because Ken got called in for a lady with chest pains- I decided then and there to NEVER be bummed out that we have to leave early from "Fun Stuff" because I am so proud of what he does! Turns out the lady was borderline heartattack- so I like to think he saved her life that night! Praise Ken for working so hard! He definitely has a juggling act- with us and work. :) SO... I love this picture- it is our world.
Daddy and Hailey... so sweet!

Mommy and Mattie...

Here are a few more pictures before school one morning.

Aren't they just precious!!!!

Hailey- with her 1st in her hair bow!!!!!!! This is huge people! She loves it- can't you tell!!

One last photo- Hailey's teeth. She heard that Mattie was showing hers off and wanted a chance too! She is a fan of Twilight I guess with the "fang" coming in! She may look like her Daddy, but she is Mommy through and through!


Mary Haynes said...

Hi Erin, I love this - so sweet!!! We are soooo blessed to have you as our daughter-in-law (but it does feel more like we have three daughters). We are so proud of Ken also. We both love for him to call us and tell us about his day. We are just amazed at the things he is capable of doing! Thank you again for this blog and such beautiful granddaughters. I look forward to every posting. Love you all -- Mary

Caroline said...

Cute!! Enjoy the beach. I wish I still lived near the beach.

Hattie said...

Sweet pics! Love the girls outfits, so cute!

Lauren said...

Yay Hailey!! a Real BOW!! I love my cutie pie nieces. Can't wait to see them--just a few weeks!

p.s. what a sweet post from you M.I.L! You are a pretty awesome Mommy....she got it right!

courtney said...

your pix on the beach are so sweet. and as i look out at the snow in our yard, i am a bit jealous *wink*