Friday, October 16, 2009

Vitamin D for us all!

I heart SUNSHINE!!! OK- so I officially was knocked to my knees Wednesday night (ALL Wednesday night) with a stomach bug/food poisoning/close to death... anyway, I was still sick Thursday- so long sad story short Ken had to stay home from work for no other reason than to take care of the girls and me- POOR GUY! He really stepped up and did ABOVE and BEYOND when it came down to it. I fell in love with him all over again- watching him feed the girls, get me medicine, laundry, a little TLC for all 3 of us, Lysol our house, vaccum, more meds, more feedings and naptime with out pacifiers (YES- we ARE breaking this habit- and quite successfully if I do say so myself), serving Sprite and Jello, more TLC, bathing the girls, putting them to bed, and so much more- I did have a very groggy day- THANK YOU PHINEGRIN (sp?) Sorry Lauren...
So after a very nasty 36 hours- this afternoon I decided we all need some sunshine and fresh air. Mattie & Hailey loved it. I think they were thrown for a loop yesterday when they could see me, but I wasn't moving or holding them (Ken and I decided it best if I kept my distance in case it was viral). Here are a few shots I got in the SUNSHINE!!! I loved this picture of Hailey! She is just so easy to excite! I love that about her.
Mattie- looks like such a big girl! She is really ready to go- she only goes in reverse right now when it comes to crawling but I know she is going to figure out how to put it in drive soon! Isn't she ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!?!

Yes- she did and yes I captured the moment- right before she fell over. Hailey has officially sat up- once. Mattie is still thinking it over. :)

If you people could only see the links I go to for these pictures! You might ask me if I do Birthday parties (get it- as a clown).

Our stroll on the beach- in the SUNSHINE. It is never to early to worry about CROW's FEET!

Loving the double stroller and watching our dog play in the ocean! Mattie just loved laughing when the breeze blew- priceless!

My most favorite things: My amazing and handsome husband, with my beautiful daughters, and our sweet (to those she knows) dog- at the beach! What more could a girl ask for!!!!


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