Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's in the baby book!

On October 22- Mattie had enough hair to attach a bow- without a headband! I keep telling my girls when we are going to bed to dream about growing hair- looks like it is working. I know it is hard to actually see the hair in pictures, but it is there! Hailey has quite a bit too- I see a bow in the very near future! :) She is so happy- the Haynes girls LOVE some bows!!!
Mattie showing it off!


The Brokaws said...

Yea!!! Maybe we won't be far behind!

Maegan Thomas said...

Okay well I willing to try anything seeing how he is still not sleeping all night! Yes I know it is horrible he woke up twice last night (1:15 & 5:30). I have run out of ideas! I would absolutley love it if we could see yall when yall are passing through for Thanksgiving. We could meet yall in Texarkana and eat or yall are more even stay the night if you would like. It would be a great place for yall to let the girls get a break and play. We would love to have yall and I am off work that whole week so that would be great. Anyways great to hear from you! Talk to you soon.