Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Mommy Must Haves!"

As most of you know- I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a new mommy! Everyday is a wonderful new adventure with my precious babies- Lauren, (my twin sister) says I say precious too much, but they are just that PRECIOUS!!!! :) I will say that in my 8 months of experience there are a few "MUST HAVES" when it comes to being a mommy! Here is my best list- please add what you think in my comments. I would love to hear your feedback!

Mommy Must Have #1- A plan- a FLEXIBLE plan
***Read ahead, plan for what is to come, but be ready to drop that plan and reevaluate, reassess, and redo your plan! A few books I liked: Babywise 1 and 2- using 2 now or Happiest Baby on The Block. Like most things however- do what works for your family!!!

Mommy Must Have #2- A SASSY Diaper bag
Every mom needs a diaper bag that she loves- this will most likely become your purse- so put down the Coach, Chanel, & Louis, purses and pick out a bag that looks good but can go through the ringer!!! Click here to see my favorite! OiOi

Mommy Must Have #3- BOPPY's!!!
Who knew that a C-shaped pillow could do so much! Trust me girls this is a must have! If you have twins like me- you need 2!

Mommy Must Have #4- Sleep Sacks- (Babies R Us, Carter's, even Target)
WOW WOW WOW! Do I sleep better at night knowing that they are warm, covered and safe. This amazing little sleeper zips on over their PJ's and won't cover their face as they sleep! Perfect! I recommend 2 -3 per baby!

Mommy Must Have #5-Hands Free Pump (Medela)
I HIGHLY recommend this pump if you are planning to go the "Nursing Distance"! It really does let me pack up take the girls out and not have to worry about an outlet to connect to! I pump in the car (not when I am driving), airport, everywhere. The price is a little steep- but OH SO worth it! About a dollar a day- if you nurse for a year!

Mommy Must Have #6- Hooter Hider

This goes great with the pump. It is a cute nursing/pumping cover so you can do it anywhere! It is made to where you have a little opening so you can see you baby. I love mine!

Mommy Must Have #7- Sleep Sheep

I never knew how important background noise was until I had my girls! I turn these on and the babies go right to sleep! It is amazing!

Mommy Must Have #8- HELP!

As a new mommy I have seen myself and several friends try and "do it all"- take my advice: you can't! If you are like me you have people that are always willing to help- many will offer- take it! If they don't offer- ask. It is ok!!

Mommy Must Have #9- Baby legs

(Especially for girls- not sure how I feel about them for boys- could be cute????)

I love these! The girls legs are covered, easy diaper changes with a onesie and they are styling! It is a win win!

Mommy Must Have #10-Baby book

This is a treasure of mine that I know I will grow to treasure more and more as time passes. It is really funny what you do forget- in my short time as a mommy, so much as happened. This is a great way to remember your little ones first year!

Mommy Must Have #11 Trumpette Socks (just for you Laura)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these socks- not only do they come in lots of different shoe styles (mary jane, ballet, boots) but they come in lots of colors! These socks look like shoes and stay on little active feet GREAT!!! Mattie tugged on them all day today and didn't successfully get one off until 5:20pm tonight! Can't have to many of these!

Hope my Mommy ramblings helps you... it is alot of fun thinking about what works and tricks of the trade! I am sure I will have more thoughts now that my girls are on th GOOOOO!



Caroline said...

Hey! Have you seen the spoon where you put the baby food in the handle and you squeeze? My friend loves her's. It's less messy especially when you're on the go.

Maegan Thomas said...

Great list! Some things that I couldn't live without would be plenty of birp cloths, a really good set of monitors and portable DVD player. I went and looked at a sleepy sheep and am going back today to get it. Seeing how my one year still does not sleep all night I am willing to try anything. What setting do you put it on for the girls? How is Ken- super busy I assume!

Lindsey said...

Loved your list. I am adding a few things....A video monitor is a must!! We use a box fan for Taylor's "white noise" and it has been great. The "swaddle me" blankets were a huge help early on...loved them!!

I'm sure I will think of more....