Monday, October 26, 2009

Our visit to Lilly's Pad!!!

Let me start by saying- WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND we had!!! It started with a 5K for Breast Cancer. The girls and I decided that we would walk it in memory and honor of lots of great women that we have known that have been effected by this disease! So- HERE is to you!!! The girls dressed in the appropriate color- of course. We talked on the way to the race about their "Great Grandmother- Iva Connell" and how truly amazing she was- she was a breast cancer SURVIVOR that had a faith that could move mountains! I realize now more than ever what a blessing she was in my life- I will always try to do 5k's in her memory and honor. A side note- my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer when my sister and I were 18 months old- I have to give a major SHOUT OUT to my mommy- who was there for her every step of the way, while juggling very busy twins! I see now just how crazy her world had to be! WOW Mom- you ROCK!!! Here are some friends at the race- some chose to run- I am not to that point yet- but I do still want to like running... maybe one day....

The girls and I were the 1st stroller to cross the finish line! We came in 4th overall and 1st with the "stroller mom's"!

Daddy was SO proud of his girls! After the walk- we cleaned up, ate lunch and headed to Temple, TX!!! My sweet friends- The Kummerfeld's live there now. Katy was the first person that I met in Texas- and really helped me love Galveston from the moment we matched- she is more than a friend- we are heart friends. We lived 2 blocks from each other, taught 1st grade across the hall from each other, and spent a lot of "husband working" time together- that is until HURRICANE IKE :(
They are now set for good in Temple and the island just isn't the same!!! Anyway- in all this time- they now have a new addition- a precious baby girl: Lilly!!! She is 3 weeks old in these pictures!

Here all the girls are! What a priceless picture to me! We are so blessed with beautiful, healthy, happy, sweet babies and good friendship! My cup runneth over!

All the girls enjoying a cocktail!

Here is sweet Lilly trying on her first pair of my girls shoes! She is SO TINY!!!

Look at how big my girl Mattie is next to Lilly!

I love the feel of a baby in my arms- especially one as cute as you Lilly!

It was amazing catching up with Katy and seeing her as a mommy! She is a natural!

Sunday morning- we decided to head out to.....

Here my lil' Pumpkins are!!! TOO CUTE!

Daddy helping Hailey pick one out!

The 2 new mommy's! Doesn't Katy look GREAT- she has a 3 week old! Freak out!!! Like she was never pregnant!

A group shot- this one is frame worthy!

What a fun, special weekend! Thanks K's for letting us come and stay! See you soon!


Jenn said...

Looks like a fabulous weekend! Thanks for supporting the cure!

Caroline said...

Awww...the girls are getting so big. They look so cute!