Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our month at school!

Well as some of you may have heard- I decided to try and go back to work part time... I have waited to blog about this because I was a little apprehensive from the get go- I was hired at East End Preschool, a mother's day out from 8:30-11:45am in the 2 year old classroom. The girls were able to go with me, but were in a different room. Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks I am feeling extremely overwhelmed by all that comes with working with 2 year olds, being a nursing mommy (my milk has quadrupled from all the tears), and keeping house. I just felt like I am not giving 100% to anything- this broke my heart since I want to be the BEST mommy I can be to my monkeys!!! EEP- they have an amazing facility and I have really enjoyed getting to know so many Galveston friends! Here are a few pictures of the girls first day of school! *The girls have lost all the "strawberry" in their hair- they are "REAL" blondes now!!! I am sure that they will agree- Blondes do have more FUN!!!
Here my girls are with their teacher Mrs. Laura. She has been amazing with them! They love her- Laura and her hubs go to our new church so I am sure we will get to know them better. I am sure that the girls will request her to babysit for them sometime too!

Here the girls are in their "Tiny Tot" room.

I love that MDO is available- sometimes Mommy's really do need a little "Mommy Time"! I am so glad that God used this to show me not to take a minute with my sweet girls for granted!


burnettb said...

Girl, do not feel guilty. Now you know what every mother faces when going back to work. Especially for those who don't have a choice it is a very difficult thing to do. Your girls are getting so big and are so beautiful. They are a perfect mix of you and Ken. Maegan talked about us taking a road trip and bringing the boys to see you all. I hope we can do that soon.

Heather said...

Don't feel bad! I did this same thing a few years back. I went to work at JB and Conner's MDO in the two year old class. After about 4 weeks I broke. I felt like I was running mad. I decided to just sub. Then I had the choice to work that particular day. If this week was going crazy then I would stay home to catch up.
Hope it all works out. heather