Friday, September 25, 2009

Count your Blessings!!!

This morning this scripture just spoke to me:
"Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

No- I am not burdened or overwhelmed, just empathetic. This week I know of a few people that are facing some real trials in their life and I would imagine in their walk in faith. I have never experienced the loss of a child and can't begin to understand the grief that brings, but as a new mom- I can understand the love you have for your children. This got me thinking about how TRULY blessed I am THIS day!

I am blessed to:
breathe in the morning air, kiss my husband good-bye, see my beautiful girls sleeping, walk outside, feel at peace, pray, love and be loved, have an amazing family, be busy and useful in the world around me, have friends (near and far), a healthy happy family, the list goes on and on but, most importantly to have my faith!

Today, if you get a second just think about the things that you are blessed with- I think you will find "your cup runneth over"!

My prayers are with all families that are struggling with trials that I can't even imagine facing. God is sovereign- ALL THE TIME.


wtuck said...

you are ever so right. We all seem to get caught up in our on little worlds and think our problems are so bad but all we have to do is look around and usually we don't have to look very far to realize how very blessed we are. Thank you I needed that . Your girls are beautiful !!!! Wanda (Daniel M.'s mom)(nana with the blue car)

skballa said...

Erin, your post moved me to tears. Your words are so encouraging and beautiful. You should become a motivational speaker for women like Joel Osteen.