Friday, September 18, 2009

I heart lunch dates!!!

One of my favorite Galveston friends finally caught up with me and turned "28", so we had to celebrate! Happy Birthday Christen!! :) We got 7 girls together and 1 "on the way" boy and celebrated at Mosquito Cafe! They have the BEST Lemonade cake- EVER!!! I think I am going to buy one for Mattie and Hailey's BabyDedication Celebration! Here we are- Hailey, me, Cora, and "The Birthday Girl" Christen! Do you see the Yummy cake- we haven't devoured it yet!
Here Mattie is in a Linds"ey"/"ay" sandwich! How cute!

What a great time to celebrate birthdays and friendship! Love you girls and Davis!


Jenn said...

LOVE the girls shirts matching shirts! Their too cute!

Elizabeth said...

Erin, you guys make my heart just wanna burst! You have such an amazing family and a great outlook - enjoy each and every day!

Liz and IV