Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A little Gobble Gobble and some Thankfulness too!

We had a GREAT visit home this past week for Thanksgiving. Hard to believe it has been since June for me and last Christmas for Ken since we saw the Mississippi River and Memphis skyline! We decided that we would attempt the entire drive last Saturday. It went great. We were able to see our friends- The Whitehead Family in Magnolia. It was a perfect and much needed BREAK. The girls were able to get out and run their little legs off. They loved to chase the cows- yelling "Moo" at them. Thanks for letting us visit! Finally- after a very long day in the car--- MEMPHIS, TN!
Doing puzzles with PaPa!

I have talked so much about feeling the seasons change and missing fall- finally we got to play in the cool weather and see the beautiful colors of this amazing season.

The girls loved being outside!

Here we are checking out Pop Pop's car that he has restored! Isn't it great! I can't wait to go for a ride in this one!

Mattie found a friend, kitty found an enemy-ha!

Driving Little Miss Daisy!

How cute!

Tuesday- my bestest favorite friends from college came to see us- Courtney, Brandon, and Max! It was great!!! I kept Max for a short time when he was born for Courtney to go back to work- it was great practice for me with 2 on the way. These guys made living in Nashville so great! I miss them so much!

Mommy and Hailey having fun outside!

Have you ever tried to get 3- Two year old to take a picture???? Not easy- at all.

I love this picture- so true... after fun outside we headed to see Santa... neither girls were interested in his lap. As we stood in line, Mattie started saying "no, no, no" in the sweetest voice- like she knew what was coming
I can't help but LOVE mattie's face in the picture!

THe next day we went to visit "My BIG backyard" at the Botanic Gardens- it was adorable! The girls and Max could RUN FREE and play- that is until Max got in the pond and Hailey laid down in a puddle...

Mattie- no fear... "I got this Mom!"

Hailey wouldn't let go of Courtney's hand until she could grab mine.

Thanksgiving Day- Ken got to carve the turkey at my parents house... my dad had gotten a tummy bug and although felt better, chose not to pass the bug on!

Hailey however did get the bug about 30 minutes before lunch... poor baby was sick all day.

The whole gang is here-except my family that no one wanted to be near.
(I didn't blame them...)

Here I am trying desperately to win the attention of Libby- tough egg to crack! She still looks at Ken and bursts into tears...

Little sick friend in her 3rd outfit of the day- playing. Funny how nothing holds a kid-o down. They just get sick and keep on going.

Guess the turkey got to Skeet!

Honey and Mattie playing- such fun.
Mommy and her sweet lil bit!Friday was supposed to be Thanksgiving at Ken's parents- and we decided that since Hailey hadn't gotten sick since 4pm the day before and we had been around them all week- would could still go and I am SO glad we did. We were able to visit with Aunt RaRa and Uncle Greg and Grammy and Pop Pop. We loved seeing you all!

Unfortunately, that night Ken did get the bug...
but, Mattie and I have stomach's of steel! :) :) :)
All in all it was a great week in Memphis. Among all of the chaos we did have moments of reflection- we have so much to be thankful for in our family.


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Katy K. said...

I'm so glad that you had a great trip! I missed your blog! I am dying laughing at Mattie's face in the Santa picture!