Saturday, November 13, 2010

30 before 30!!

30 before 30
It is official it is a little over 6 months before I turn 30 *WINK WINK*!
I decided there were a few things I most definitley wanted to do while still in my twenties:

1. Run 1/2 MARATHON

2. Take the pink bus tour/duck tour of Galveston
3. See Tommy Nelson preach- Denton Bible Church
4. Learn to drive a stick shift- does anyone have one of these???
5. Make pasta from scratch- Stouffer's you are my fall back!
6. Become a mother
7. Visit Austin, Dallas, and Fredricksburg
8. Pay off something!!!
9. See Beth Moore LIVE!
10. Ride a Mardi Gras float: Dancing Queen- I am on it!
11. Lead a Bible study
12. Celebrate 2x2 in Noah's ark fashion
13. Complete my Master’s Degree
14. Have Ken at least 3/4 finished with residency
16. Be better about answering the phone
17. Go to Galveston Opera House

18. Celebrate 3 years of marriage!!!
19. Be a brunette- need to try this color on for size!
20. Shed enough pounds and inches to wear ken's favorite dress before we had twins!
21. Start recycling: cans at least
22. Organize and preserve my digital photos
23. Make Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls (This is completely contradicting #20, but this was the first recipe that I ever heard about before I even knew who or what Pioneer Woman was, and ever since then I have wanted to make these!)
24. Hold a new baby- of a dear friend!!! this better be before my B'day (you know who you are!)
25. Make every holiday memorable for my family- handprint something!
26. Size 4
27. Go on a picnic with Ken on the beach
28. Make an effort to call or send a card once a week to someone special for encouragement
29. De-clutter. Organize. Simplify.
30. Consciously remind myself to find joy in every day by keeping a joy journal.



Jenn said...

Love this list! Especially #28!!!

Katy K. said...

Looks like you are well on your way! Can't wait to celebrate 30 with you!