Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blue Mountains??? COLORADO!

Welcome to Coors country! This past weekend Ken and I were able to sneak off (thanks to Honey and G-Daddy) and see the city of Denver, CO. It was GREAT- after we landed that is! :)Ken is there this week for a conference, but I was able to start the week with him and have a little "like dating" time. We ate, I shopped, we walked, explored, and ate some more... it was great. Several of Ken's favorite friends from Memphis OMFS and Galveston are there with him- so that helped when I left... he knew people there.
Our hotel: The Brown Palace. It has a very bed and breakfast feel to it- but a great place to stay. While we were there, they kicked off their holiday season with a champagne cascade- really cool to watch! A many chops champagne with a sword and then pours it down the 6000 glasses.

One night- while walking we came upon a "Hope Floats" kind of street. Jack Neagle agreed it was PRECIOUS!

After the weekend, I was ready to see my littles! I headed home on Monday only to hear that Hailey has decided that "NOBODY can hold her down" and has climbed out of her crib and that while outside playing she fell and now has a "scratched nose and bruise" i.e. black eye...

Thanks again Honey and G-daddy! We love and miss you! Both of my girls adore my parents, but Hailey is SMITTEN with my dad- it is precious. She only wants him to put her in her highchair or him to put her to bed, or him to read to her-while in his lap of course. It is precious! Can't wait to see you next week!


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