Tuesday, November 2, 2010

IOU: Birthday style!

Happy 30th BIRTHDAY KEN!!!! The birthday boy with 2 of his favorite girls (*Mattie and me not pictured- still favorites though)! Today was Ken's BIG day! Anyone who knows me- knows I have a fond affection for birthdays! My parents have always been great about making Lauren and I both feel special on our day each year and I have it in my heart to make a big deal for those special people in my life. I had it all planned out... cards waiting, sitter/sweet Laura booked, dinner place picked, special treat being prepared, outfit chosen, make-up on... then it happened- life while you are busy making plans- poor sweet Mattie got sick- by got sick I mean GOT SICK all over me, the carpet, the floor... you get the picture. I called Ken, wished him a Happy Day at work- isn't that against some law- everyone should get their birthday off from work- told him plans may have changed...
After the 3rd tummy upset incident- we decided to order food and chill at home. Here is Mattie cuddling with me before we put her down for the night. Hopefully this is some sort of 12 hour bug- and no one else gets it!!!! Ken is currently asleep right now as he is on call and only got 4 hours of sleep last night- just isn't right for your birthday! I tried to make is memorable- but now I think it will be more memorable than I could have planned :)
I did however get his favorite dessert made: COCONUT PIE!!

Happy Birthday Ken! We will celebrate in style in Colorado!

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