Monday, October 25, 2010

I'll take you to the candy shop...

What a GREAT, FUN FILLED weekend for The Haynes Family! It started Saturday mid morning at Octoberfest. The littles loved being able to kind of run free and see all the sights. Their favorite however was the petting zoo- finally animals they were bigger than. :)
2 cuties! After a fun time of chasing- we grabbed some lunch and headed home for a nap and I got ready to go to the Children's Center Ball at Moody Gardens. My sweet friend Laura came and kept the girls for a little bit since Ken got called in for face trauma (a lady "fell off" the seawall face first- I saw pictures of this- you don't want to fall off the seawall!) I don't think I spend enough time in awe of what my husband does! He literally takes peoples face, mouths, etc- that have been mangled and puts them back together- the before and after pics- amaze me!
Ken- you are truly gifted in what you do! (apologize for sidenote!)

Headed to the ball- with one of my favorite Galveston Gals- Liz! To say we had a blast was an understatement!!! We worked the candy bar- job included explaining what the candy bar was, taking donations, and helping fill bags of candy! I was in CANDY HEAVEN! It was a precious idea and another great fundraiser!

The two sweetest things! :) HA!

There were 2 tables just like this!! OH- TEMPTATION! Anyone that knows me at all- know I have a MAJOR sweet tooth.

I had to take a picture of these "throwback" candies- they reminded me of my Nanny and Grandpa. I would eat these all the time at their house growing up- great memories of amazing people! I miss you both! When I got home...

I saw my sweetest things! Hailey cracking me up hanging out of the crib!

This picture is actually during nap after church. I just love the arm up and mid-drift she is rockin!

"Mommy, I can turn ANYTHING into an accessory!"

Anyone know a good chiropractor?!?! HA! :)

Gotta love these littles!


Caroline said...

The girls have gotten so big! Looks like your event was fun. I couldn't stay away from the candy bar if I were there!

Lauren said...

peanut butter bars!! awwww.....