Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grammy and Pop Pop are coming to town!

Here we are ready and waiting for Grammy and Pop Pop to arrive...

We love to be outside and now it is tolerable since the weather has changed. I have never seen Galveston more beautiful than it is in the early fall. :)

Grammy and Pop Pop made it here about 8:00pm Wednesday night- we had about enough time for a few hugs and laps around the living room and it was off to bed.

The girls had the best time being in the "spot light". It was so fun watching them with their grandparents. I love having both set s of grandparents come to visit- I really feel like I get a ton accomplished. :) They are so much HELP and with these 2 busy bees- I need all the help I can get!
That is a lap full!

Friday- I headed to Temple to see my best friend Katy and celebrate Lilly's 1st Birthday. I was able to leave the girls with Ken's parents and have some "Mommy Down time"- which was great. I was really able to help with set-up for the party and not just chasing littles. :) (The party is another post coming soon!) I got back Saturday afternoon, so Ken and I got to sneak away for a "date night" at Yamatos. It was great!

Sunday, after church, we headed to The Kemah Boardwalk. The girls loved being outside and seeing everything, but Hailey was definitely OVER her stroller once we got her out. I had to break out the "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY PACIFIER"- whew! We made it.

After the board walk- we headed to eat at LaBrisa. It was great! The girls ate their weight in beans and rice and fajita steak! Thanks so much for coming to visit us! We enjoyed every minute! Come again soon!

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Lauren said...

it looks like you have a baby in a sling in that one picture strapped on you. I was like "wait! is that baby Lilly in there?".