Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Favorite October Weekend!

This past weekend- The Kummerfeld's came to town- G-town that is! We were able to spend time talking, laughing, and loving. I don't know it Galveston would mean what it does to me without Katy- she is my definition of a heart friend. I pray that we are as close 20 years from now as we are now. We are just in synd- ya know? I pray we all have a friend that we can just sync with! It is so funny how much we think alike- sometimes just a nod is all we need! :) Get it?
Hahahahah! Here we are outside of Rudy and Paco's! Thank heaven for babysitters even if the thought of 3 terrified her. We had an amazing time with The K's and David's parents!!! :)

Me and the hubs- he's so cute!

Here are few pictures of the girls playing together! :) I love seeing all 3 together!!!!

Lilly's face: PRICELESS!!!

Show her how it's done Mattie!

Hailey leading Lilly in the "wrong direction" I am sure...

The four of us after church- First Baptist just isn't the same without you guys! We love you so much! I am so thankful that God has given me your friendship. I love you!

After the K's headed out- we headed to the beach... here is what I caught on the camera...

Hailey- NEVER sits still- here is a way that "Stopped" her and she loved it!

That is one BUSY MOMMY!

Mattie= no fear of the ocean= scared mom!!! Hailey is with me safely on the sand!


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Katy K. said...

Ahhhh...I am CRYING! Thank you so much for your kind words. Love you so much. I am now LAUGHING at Mattie after her dip in the ocean. Was she even scared? That's my kind of girl!