Monday, November 14, 2011

Visiting Daddy at work :)

For Mattie and Haiely's 2nd birthday, my sweet friend Jana gave the girls their own scrubs. Whenever M & H wear them they call themselves "Dr. Mattie" or "Dr. Hailey"- so cute! I really wanted a picture of Mattie and Hailey with their Daddy at UTMB- all in scrubs.
The girls loved walking around the hospital.
My favorite picture- my 3 favorite people walking toward "Old Red". The original UTMB. The building is still being restored after Ike damage. That is one thing I love about this island- the history. Everything has a story and now it is part of our story! :)

Daddy's office- the girls thought they were BIG stuff.

"Doctor, Doctor... give me the news!"


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