Wednesday, September 7, 2011

School Days 2011

Look who started 2 year old mother's day out!!
Aren't the adorable walking in... so BIG! I just love the little outfits Honey and PaPa sent us!
First thing that my girls did was head to the play-doh set out for them!

Mommy and my girls!!
Our teachers Mrs. Nelleka and Mrs. Lisa

Mattie and Hailey talked all afternoon about painting at school... I really think they LOVED it! The only downside is that Hailey lost her bow (this is serious stuff- people!)

When I picked up the girls up- it was so fun hearing them talk about their day:

"I slide, I pway with friends, LOVE friends, I paint, school fun"

I was ADORABLE!!! :) :) :)



Katy K. said...

Sooooo cute!!! You HAVE to get a picture of them from the back wearing their backpacks and holding hands. Print it in black and white. I want a copy!

Kyla said...

Precious! I'm so happy that your girls love East End. We miss it. :( Their little school outfits are too cute! And I totally understand the bow thing. Losing a bow is a tragedy. :)