Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Lilly K!

This weekend was the BEST- The Kummerfeld's came for a visit and since this upcoming weekend is Lilly's 2nd birthday (Bless) and we aren't able to go, we decided to have an early celebration at our house! Ice cream for everyone and sprinkles galore! It was great seeing all of our babies play together- such special memories and squeals for all...

I also had a chance to give sweet Paige a bottle- OH the memories and hopes for the future (distant year or so future). Let me just take a moment to say that Precious Paige is her new name- she just SMILES as I talk to her and was so sweet! I could have held her all day long... BLESS!

As well M & H enjoyed giving her a bottle as well... going to be great big sisters- ONE DAY! (not now people... not now).
After alot of fun, playing with the girls, sprinkles, ice cream, toddler beds, and potty attempts... Mattie and Hailey showed Lilly how they use the BIG GIRL potty and even Lilly attempted- it was time for the party to end... BUT to my major surprise an MILESTONE happened.
Katy loaded up Paige in her carrier, which made her tearful, at that moment my sweet Hailey said "baby sad" and I had an ah ha moment- I said what would maker her happy? Hailey said "baby needs bed (paci)" I said "Do you want to give her yours?" at that moment Hailey bolted to her bedroom to get her paci that stays in her bed... and she shoved it in her mouth ('m sorry Katy and Paige- it all happened too fast....) Hailey was SO proud of herself. After the Kummerfeld's left, Hailey kept telling me how she made the baby happy when she was sad. It was so sweet. I LOVE that she willingly gave precious Paige her most prized possession! This was a HUGE, UNEXPECTED, BIG day in our world! I called Ken- because as Katy walked out the door I realized I had a meeting to go to and Daddy was going to have to be the "strong one" tonight when it was the first bedtime without paci... I showed Ken where I had stashed all the paci's and told him that if it gets too hard- just break and we will consider this the foundation to eventually giving up paci, but when I got home, I saw all the paci's in there safe place and Ken said she was so proud laying down talking about giving baby paci and how she made her happy! My heart is bursting!!! We have gone 3 nights without paci and 2 naps! We talk about what a big girl she is to share her paci and has asked for another, but I just remind her that the baby was so sad and she made her happy by giving her paci to her. She BEAMS with delight. I definitely think this is a key to her character- she is a giver and has a caring heart. I LOVE this little bug. Now... who can I give Mattie's thumb to?? kidding- kind of! :)

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Katy K. said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for one of my most favorite days as a mommy. I LOVE how you love my girls and make them feel so special. I will always remember Hailey's selfless act. Now if you could only have a baby so that Lilly will give up her paci too!!! Love you!