Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hair today- Gone tomorrow!

Today was a very special day- the 1st day at the salon!!! My very sweet and brave friend Stevy went with us (she is also a good Doctor office visit buddy). We headed into a hair salon named "Hairmates" that my other precious friend and personal hair stylist- Erin Price- works at. I had come prepared! I had our favorite travel toys, pacifier, "sucker balls", bunny and snacks. Mattie will do anything for a "sucker ball". She was ready to go!

Let the trimming begin! Mattie was perfect- she let Mrs. Erin spray her hair, comb it, and trim without a whimper. :) She kept saying "haircut" the entire time she was getting hers cut as well as Hailey.

I love her face in this picture...

Sweet girl- so PRETTY!

Hailey's turn. After seeing Mattie go- she was ready. She wasn't so much a fan of the spray bottle, but she did great. No tears! Just sat like a big girl and let Mrs. Erin do her job.

It was so cute!
Disclaimer: very little was actually cut off. Hailey's was more of a "shaping" situation and Mattie's well- it just counces right back up into those curls no matter how long it gets.
All in all- great day - great experience- great girls- great friends!
Thanks ladies!

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