Saturday, March 19, 2011

Frohberg Farms- Alvin, Texas

This morning- Ken headed to Houston for a OMFS conference and the girls and I headed to farm! We went with our Resitern Mother's Group. It was a great time. The premise is to buy a bucket and fill it with strawberries- Mattie and Hailey caught on quick! I'd pick this one...
and this one!

Here we go- buckets in tow! (side note: we received a package yesterday from Aunt Rachel- it was their birthday presents- a cute purse full of goodies- notice Hailey had to bring it).

I think Mattie found one...

It begins- I wondered how they would do with not eating the strawberries... it just didn't happen. Mattie would pick one, take a bite, drop it and say "Yum" then pick another, take a bite... repeat.

We had lots of fun being with friends, outdoors, doing something new! The only thing missing was Daddy.


Wilkes Family Blog said...

Erin, your girls are beautiful!! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing what all your girls are doing, they are close in age to Turner. Hope all is well.

kate m. said...

At least Mattie ate the red ones, which is more than I can say for Everett. : )