Sunday, February 13, 2011

Two BY Two they came...

The Sutton gang- ready to party!
Well in true "2x2" spirit we celebrated Mattie and Hailey's 2nd Birthday the way "Noah and the animals" would have:

*Check out all the animals came 2x2!

Cute cupcake/rice krispy toppers- made by my precious friend Hayley at hhdesign house on the island! She also did our invites that we PRECIOUS! (I don't want to post for obvious address reasons).

These littles are SO SO SO blessed! It was so fun! The sign above is the "finishing touch to the playhouse Ken made for the girls.

Birthday wreath I made

The favorswere umbrellas- they had a cute ark screened on them- to keep us dry in the flood!

My favorite baker: Kate created the perfect Ark cupcakes! I mean- Noah had to have had hot pink, lime green, and turquoise somewhere on his boat- right? Not only was the cake super cute- it was DELICIOUS!

aren't the little animals great?!?! Thank you Kate!

Mrs. Katy and Hailey- so sweet to come for the party!

Mattie- has spotted the cupcakes! She gets it honestly from her Mommy.

Trying to convince "YaYa" to get her some "CAKE!"

Don't worry- I finally caved and gave her a cupcake! It is her party after all!
Sweet friends!

Let the games begin!!!

Some of the littlest guests...

At one point there were 19 kids at our house- I can only imagine that this was similar to the animals on the ark! :)

We have been so blessed with such sweet amazing friends here in Galveston that LOVE our girls!

The PLAYHOUSE! Let me tell you that Ken Haynes built this whole thing from the ground up with his own 2 hands! To say I am impressed is an understatement! The house has a roof they can play on stairs to climb, chalkboard wall, open windows, and a pink door!

Check out my rain boots- get it? I too, was ready for the flood!

Time for cake!

We were not fans of the singing...

but huge fans of the cupcakes!

Sweet friends!

I love these girls!

After the party shut down- nap time for my 2!

Uncle Ken finally wore Libster down!

They had a BIG time! Soon it was present time- we opened them all and had to wear many of them!

The cutest snow white ever!

All in all- it was amazing day! I am so thankful for all of the people that are in Mattie and Hailey's lives! You each made this day a little brighter for them. I can't thank you enough!

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courtney said...

i have to tell you the girls' party looked adorable! the theme was perfect. and that playhouse, kudos to your hubs.
happy birthday, m & h!

btw - love the new pic of the girls in your header!!