Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2 Year Well Visit

In HONOR of PAPA's 59th Birthday- tiara's for everyone!! (Ignore the yogurt on Mattie's shirt- and YES we do EVERYTHING in a crown- including eat.)

This is the face Hailey made when I said "Let's take a picture for PaPa!" I feel like the song "You light up my life should be playing in the background"!
On to the BIG news of today... this afternoon we took the girls for their 2 year well visit. We saw Dr. Patricia Rogers- and I can't say enough good things about her! We love her!! She is so sweet to the girls- she calls them the "Bopsy twins". It was such a good visit, both girls walked in talking and waving at everyone. They both stood on the scales, and let the nurses get their height! It was great!!! They were so brave and most of all friendly. Everyone that saw them complemented how cute they were, but more importantly how SWEET these girls were! My heart just burst with pride! Here we are ready for our check up- aren't the gowns cute?!?!
Here are a few stats:
Mattie Lynn-
31lbs (90th percentile)
36 in (90th percentile) *I know a few people have told me she was tall for her age- but hello!
Hailey Suttton:
27lbs (53 percentile)
34 1/2 in (63 percentile)

*** Let me just say that I felt the Hallelujah Chorus resound in my heart the minute I saw on their growth charts- that my adorable, precious, early birds (33 weeks) were above 50th percentile in EVERYTHING!! This is HUGE! I always heard that by the time premies are 2 they catch up and BOY DID WE!!! I mean to go from not even on the growth chart to 53 and 90%- this is HUGE STRIDES!! :) God has really blessed Ken and I!

I think we are over the gowns...

luckily, we didn't have any shots to get, but they did need to take blood... boo. Mattie is trying to comfort Hailey by giving her Bunny. It is so sweet- seeing each of my girls learning to have empathy for others.

After all was said and done- we headed to Marble Slab for some ice cream! Both girls LOVED the special treat!

Thank you Island Pediatric for taking such good care of our littles!


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Lauren said...

How funny!! Libby wore her little pink poodle dress today too!! She must have had her cousins on her mind!! So proud of their good Doctor visit!