Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lake Tyler Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day- hope everyone was able to enjoy a little rest and relaxation! For us this year- Labor Day was extra special!!! We got to see our dear friends "The Kummerfelds's" and visit Tyler, Tx for the first time. We had a wonderful weekend catching up, soaking up some sun, and enjoying our girls! Here we are getting ready- we were talking about seeing our friend Lilly! I can't believe we haven't seen her since May- WAY TOO LONG!

Ken's mini-me! Every now and then there are "glances" of Mommy in her, but for the most part- Daddy. We are all packed and ready to ride! Tyler here we come!

The Kummerfeld's (David's parents) were sweet enough to have us come stay at their house for a visit. We stayed out in the boat house with the girls. It was a great mini vacation for us! Their house was amazing- BEAUTIFUL is not a big enough word! You can see the back of their house behind me and Katy. We were so excited to see each other- I always say she is my heart friend, becuase we are so much more than "friends"- we think SO much alike it is wild!

Hailey and David checking out the view- and what a view it was!!

Mattie and Lilly spending a little quality playtime together.
While we were there several of The Kummerfeld's friends stopped by- one friend in an awesome ride- we couldn't resist the photo op! Don't get any wild hairs about this for your first car girls!

David and Mattie playing with all the puppies! This weekend there were 5 golden retrievers at the lake all of which were named "Belle" according to my girls.

We had a chance to do a little swimming- but that ended up being a little "chillier" than planned. Here Hailey is in her "boat coat".
Daddy, Mattie, David and Lilly getting their feet wet- didn't last too long.

While the girls were napping Sunday, Ken and I took the jet ski out around the lake! It was such fun! I called it our lake date! Thanks Katy for keeping an ear out for mine too! :)

Once all "littles" were up- we went for a 1st boat ride for my girls! 2nd for Lilly I think. It was a success! Cheerios and milk helped us survive wearing the boat coats!
My favorite girls!
These 2 were everywhere and loved having freedom to run around!

Lilly and I watching those 2 run around! Not too long until she will be toddling after them too!

All of us on the boat!

All of the girls got sleepy, but Lilly was the first to drop off! She looks so cute- and the sun didn't faze her.

The night ended by a yummy meal and great time spent with friends! After all the littles went to bed we played a game of trivial pursuit and I realized how much I still have to learn, but my knowledge of the names of "teletubbies" came in handy- ha!

It was so great getting to see you all! Thanks so much to all The Kummerfeld's for having us in your home! We love you and can't wait to see you again. Mawahhhhhh!
Sunday, we had to leave pretty early- Ken was on call and D.Baker was going to cover until we could get back... couldn't resist a few last minute pictures.

We headed back around 8:30am- but due to unforseen circumstances we didn't get home until 7:30pm last night. So much for call for Ken... that is another post!

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