Sunday, May 17, 2009

MEMPHIS Visit!!!

Hailey, Taylor, and Mattie meeting for the first time. Taylor is such a cutie! I just know all our girls are going to be such good friends!

Here the "New" Mommies are with our girls. We went on a Dexter visit. It was so good seeing some of the girls we used to work with.

Here is Melisa with Mattie! You can just tell she adores babies!

One of my favorite people- Shelly! She and I started Dexter together 6 years ago. Whoa! Time sure flies!

After the Dexter trip- we met up with a great friend- Jana and her sweet "big girl" Belle! She wanted to attempt holding both at the same time. Belle wanted to help too! :) Looks like she has her hands full.

Just like old times- Me, Jana, Mexican restaurant... just now we need high chairs too! It was so good seeing you girls.

Mommy and Hailey working out our legs! We are so strong.

Here is Miss Mattie doing the same thing! Fun times.

A "Girls Night Out"- in HONOR of Kelly- the bride to be. :) It was so much fun seeing you all. Miss ya!


burnettb said...

They are growing so fast and you look great! I'm so happy for you both.

amanda said...

HI Miss Erin!!
I hadn't been on our blogspot pages in a is so great to see how they are growing....I CAN"T WAIT TO MEET THEM IN PERSON! I CAN"T WAIT TILL JULY WHEN I GET TO SEE YOU!!!!