Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Look Who's Growing!!!

Here are my pumpkins- 3:00am. Yes- we are always that wide eyed then! :)
Mattie says "I'm not sleepy- party in my crib!"

It's official- Hailey rolled over (May 5)- She's really "going places".

Here we are in Memphis- can you tell us apart? Hailey is on the left, Mattie on the right.



Hailey- she loves her hands bawled up around her face.

Mattie- wonder what she is thinking!

Hailey- ready for the sun to come out! Looking good!

My lil' snuggle bugs!
Mattie (left) Hailey (right)

Ready for more company!!

The Hart family came to visit- Matt has Mattie and Jessice has Hailey. Such fun seeing you guys!!

Angel and Ken's grandmother came up for a visit! Looks like they have it down pat!!! :)


Cory and Amanda said...

Wow!! They are growing fast and are so pretty!!

Kevin said...

can't wait to meet the girls. looks like it may be pretty soon!!

such cute smiles.