Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Preparing for "prima-Ballerina's"!

As you know- the countdown to dance class is on! We start tomorrow and are super excited! Mattie and Hailey love their ballet and tap shoes, their leotards, and tights! We are ready- dance bag packed and ready to go! :) I decided to "borrow" an idea I saw on pintrest for the girls to remember this milestone in their lives...I love using handprints... it's amazing to me how big they have already gotten from the 1st handprints in the NICU.

Our finished product! I am hoping to shadow box frame these with their 1st pair of ballet shoes in there too! PRECIOUSNESS!!! Check back soon for the big day pictures! :)


Tiffani said...

LOVE it!!!! I know the girls are so excited to start dance class! <3

courtney said...

tu-tu cute! love it!

jenn said...

super cute

Lindsey Boone said...

Those are super cute!! and your girls are so big!! I can't believe it.