Friday, June 24, 2011

Memphis- Take 21

Here we are - the #1 Cousins- I mean- we ROCK! It's (in order) Micah, LaLa, Daniel-the grad, and me!) a picture of preciousness! I know our grandpa and nanny are smiling as I post this! You 3 are my heart- we have a bond that cannot be broken- LOVE LOVE LOVE!
After the graduation- we headed home- somewhere between the Jackson mexican food and the cookout- I got food poisoning and was out of commission for 2 days... thanks Grammy for watching the girls and thanks LaLa and Honey for taking care of me... after the yuckies... we headed to visit our friends at Bartlett Elementary (Honey at work).
Honey's backyard...
we loved school... and school LOVED us!
Mattie- mommy says he is too old for you! :)
Bittersweet- they were so willing to say- "Bye Mommy!" so proud and sad at the same time....
my girls had to sit at the "big kid table".

Stopped by sweet Shelly Dane's class to say HI! Hailey- walked right up to her like they were bff's! It was precious- and a great choice Hailey- I LOVE ME SOME SHELLY!!!
After we visited Honey's school we met up with LaLa and Libby at Cupcake cutie- YUM! As you can see....
some of us aren't so patient... for our cupcake. Yes- I'm the mom that takes the picture rather than discipline.... hmmmm- don't judge.
By the end of the day - this was Hailey- one pig tain, a tutu, and a banana.... ?
at bedtime- we had to seek shelter- TN style! Thanks to my parents- built in we were safe and so were our snacks. :)

Gotta LOVE honey and PaPa's backyard!!! We sure did! :)
Look at all 3 play! So sweet! I can't wait to see them at 16- well I kinda can...

During our Memphis visit- we visited the Memphis ZOO with Aunt RaRa! So fun!

We LOVE RaRa...
Hailey Panda!

"Mom- do you see how close this PANDA is to me?"

Thanaks for joining us at the ZOO- RaRa! We love you!
Mattie- dressed by Aunt Dena- you would think she doesn't have little girls?!?!?! the crisscross goes in the back...
Fun with our cousins....

We love Aunt Betty...

I can't get over that my 2 year old is the same size as her 4 year old cousin...
Bath time at Grammy house with aLeyse and Alayna
Mine- not so happy...
Look at those cute Dora shirts- made by Aunt Dena!

Look who's turning 30!!! AGH!!!!
this girl!
and this girl!!!
Happy 30 birthday- Me and YOU! :)

To end the night- BATH with all 3 cousins! PRECIOUSNESS!

Gotta LOVE Memphis! Until we meet again!


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Shelly Dane said...

Love your pictures from this visit to Memphis! I'd forgotten your mom took a picture of us with the girls! Love it!! :)