Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am PROUD to say...

WE are POTTY TRAINED- for about 2 weeks now!!! Wahoo!!! BEST birthday gift for Mommy ever!
It was great and because so many of you have asked here is what we did. When we came home from Memphis- we brought Honey with us. She prides herself on having Lauren and I potty trained in one day- so I "challenged" her to help me (since there are 2!) and I would dub her "Potty Queen"- a coveted title I'm sure. She accepted the challenge and was a HUGE help! We started with our potty dolls- they drank juice and so did we! We watched our dolls go tee-tee in the potty. We celebrated with doll and an M&M- we dumped and flushed dolls tee-tee- and celebrated again with yay's and M&M. We kept drinking- at one point we had milk, juice, and kool-aid. The book I read said to give them coke?!?! I didn't go that far- remember I am married to a dentist- and we really don't need two caffeine junkies! *One trick I used that my girls LOVED was- once the girls were over drinking I got out the dixie cups and would fill those up with juice. We drank a gallon of kool-aid this way. Whew! It was hoping once it got going... soon after the potty experience started. Mattie basically- didn't get up from her potty. She didn't have a single accident. Mommy was excited! Hailey on the other hand- loved the juice and drinks and snacks, but pottying wasn't a priority.... I was worried and on puddle duty.
Because of the "urgency" that comes with pottying the first day- we started with big girl panties, but quickly transitioned to al a' natural for the day- I think this embarassed Daddy when he came home- but I didn't care- we were on track!
Day #2- was a flip flop- Hailey didn't have a single accident- YAY! It's working... but Mattie was over the potty... Oh no- I thought. As a twin mom- you always worry about what if one is doing something and the other isn't- potty training is top of that list! :)
Day 3- we put on our big girl panties and were accident free!
Day 4- we venture out with clothes on to Target! After 2 potty visits, we made it home dry!!! This is huge! I really worried about what I would do if they puddled on the floor, thankfully that hasn't happened yet! :)
We have had an entire week without an accident at all and we have been going to VBS every night- so they are "pottying" for other people while I am teaching! YAY! I have noticed that they are really starting to be able to hold it and they want too. We are taking naps with out wetting the bed, but against my better judgement I am doing pull ups at night- here is why...

I tried to let them just wet the bed for 3 nights so that they will be uncomfy, wake up and want to be changed. Well that makes perfect sense to me- they learn to control it that way or wake up when they need to go... but I have the sweet littles that don't wake up- so I found them in a soaked bed- sleeping... that's terrible. I have decided I am going to try for 3 days in a row every 10 days to see if they will wake up. Pull ups aren't a big part of our future- I can tell! :)
A few more "fun potty facts"- I am traveling with a potty in my car, kandoo wipes, and clorox wipes. This is for those- "Mommy, potty" unplanned moments. Oh- how it has come in handy, plus WAY cleaner than public bathrooms. Also, I love the panties that Target sells for training they are a little thicker in the crotch so if they do have an accident it absorbs a good bit of the tee-tee. I use these still if we are in the car for more than 30 minutes.
Thank you Honey for all of your help! We LOVE you and crown you "Potty Queen" in our eyes! xoxo,


courtney said...

erin- i am so impressed! we will be beginning this journey soon, too. send me the name of the book you read. congrats, mattie and hailey!

Katy K. said...

Thanks for all of your advice! Here are things that are making me giggle:
1. The girls wearing capes!
2. The girls reading on the potty
3. The ZEBRA panties (so Erin!)
4. The naked babies in red shoes! LOVE it!

Love the idea about the potty in the car! Where will I fit one?

Erin said...

Don't forget the Casey Anthony trial on in the background...

kate m. said...

They really did AMAZING this week at VBS, and they pretty much just took the scheduled potty breaks (which did occur often). Mattie cracks me up girl learned to tell us she needed to go potty if she wanted to quit doing something or was bored (this didn't so much happen in music, as you clearly saw tonight...your girls are natural performers!). : )

Joebob 510 said...

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