Sunday, April 5, 2009

Party Weekend!!!

Mom, Val, Lauren and Erin- ready to celebrate with Lauren- HAPPY ENGAGEMENT!!!
The "future" Mr. and Mrs. Scott Baird!

Lauren, Erin, and Addie at the engagement party. We met Scott's family. Such fun!!!!

On our way to the party!

Our sweet family- getting ready to go to Scott and Lauren's engagement party at Firefly grill!

Here we are with Aunt Lauren- at the party. Check out our cute outfits from the Glenn's! Thanks guys.

Here we are going to Aunt Mackie's 80th b'day party. Gramps is pushing our stretch hummer.
Such CLEAN babies!

Look at how different we are! Both so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Check us out in our bouncer seats!

Mattie is so hungry... bottle please mommy!

Miss Hailey waiting for her bottle. :)

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Kristin said...

They've really grown recently! It's amazing how much bigger Mattie is than Hailey. I'm sure she will catch up to her sister one day :)