Thursday, April 16, 2009

Haynes Happenings!!

Today, our sweet cousin Aleyse came over for a visit. She is almost 2 and as cute as a button. Hailey loved starring at her. Aleyse had a great time pointing out both Mattie and Hailey's eyes, nose and mouth. She is so smart! The gangs all here. Mattie, Aleyse, and Hailey waving.

A kiss for her cousin!

Honey and Mattie with Uncle BO and Hailey. We just love to see the Connell family!!
Here is sweet Hailey in her big girl bed! Cute twin outfit from our friend Cora in Texas!

Here is Mattie in her bed too! Both girls loved starring at the polka dots! We love our room Mommy!!!!

A few days ago, Madden and Jamie came over for a visit. Madden was born 5 days before Mattie and Hailey. He was early too! His mommy Jamie and I met at Strong Mommy swim classes. We joked about being in the hospital at the same time- turns out we were. :)

Hailey actually kept this bow on her head!!!! I am so proud.

Easter was a little vocal- as you can tell. We thought all the screaming had scared the Easter bunny away, but he surprised us with goodies anyway!!

Hailey Mattie

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